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American Lighting Inc Lamp within the room

If you are looking to spice up the interior of your home, we can help! We have a variety of lamps and lampshades for you to choose. Our lamps and shades are made from quality materials and will look great in your home.


• Pleated

• Silk

• Hardback

We offer a large selection of lamps for you to choose for your home or business. Each lamp is beautifully made and will provide your space with the lighting you need.


You can also find to have a large selection of light bulbs in stock.

Our Lampshades:

Find a New Lamp

• Glass

• Fabric

• Octagon

• Floral

• Drum

• Clip-ons

More Choices:

• Empire

• Finials

• Harps

We offer a variety of lampshades for you to decorate your home and lamps with.

Need lighting around the house?

Pickup one of our lamps and add more lighting to your home.

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Quality Lamps and Lampshades